The Book

The book will be full of essays and interviews by and with sex positive celebrities and educators as well as content written by Allena and Jeremy. We hope to cover topics such as History of Sex Positive Culture, Sex negativity, Cultural Taboos – Porn/Sexwork, Health & Emotions, Intimacy, Relationships, Polyamory, Kink, Tantra/Sacred/Taoism and Community.

Our goal is to create a new Sex Positive world: to support the change of cultural norms around sexuality and relationships. In the world of Sex Positive Now people have the freedom and permission to be the sexual beings they already are. Pleasure and joy are vital to our wellbeing. Sexual shame is a thing of the past. People are celebrated for their sexuality, gender, who or how they love. Consensual sexuality in all of its forms is healthy and life affirming.

In the world of Sex Positive Now people can make conscious choices about their sexuality and relationships. This includes celibacy, asexuality, kink, polyamory, fetish and other forms of sexual and relationship expression. We are frolicking playfully with ourselves and each other.